Bali: Part 4 - Seminyak


The last leg of our trip saw us heading back to the coast - This time to Seminyak. We went via the Tanah Lot temple which was really good to see. In the lead up to the Bali trip, I had investigated the option of getting a guide to take us to a temple during sunrise. Unfortunately this didnt pan out, so I was happy that we were able to visit Tanah Lot, even though it was midday.

I celebrated a birthday while we were in Seminyak - During the day we went to WaterBom water park which got the adrenalin going, and then that evening we went to dinner on the beachfront with my folks and family from New Zealand, which was awesome.

We spent the remainder of our days poolside, or at the beach in Legian (the outskirts of Seminyak) - A beautiful section of beach which even offered Surfing lessons - I was very tempted... If only there'd been more time.

So that was our trip - A fantastic family reunion, a wedding and then soaking up the sights and sounds of a beautiful country. What a pleasure!

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