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forever choosing love


IN otherwise seemingly ordinary moments, i see love. - Shayne and Chelsea-013.jpg
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Hello, I’m Darren 

Welcome.  I hope what you see resonates with you.  I know it can be tough to put your faith in the hands of someone you've yet to meet,  to document such a personal moment in your life - My hope is the images you see here will give you a sense of the value I place on the human connection and the importance of emotion (Love). 



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I’m drawn to walls filled with happy memories.

lets create some for you.


During a session I observe, listen, direct, facilitate moments and nurture emotions so that I can best tell your story all while making sure you're completely at ease in front of the camera.

It’ll be more fun than you think it will - I promise.


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Online Print Store

I hate the thought of beautiful images being stored on hard drives and never being seen. To prevent this, I often select my favourites, print, frame and display them so that I get to enjoy them every time I walk through the room.

I invite you to visit my print store - I’d love to have one of my images hang in your home.

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New York City