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I’m Darren – A Cape Town based wedding and lifestyle photographer.

 Truth is, I finished school, studied marketing and business management and then found a safe job which led to a long career in the IT industry. I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in project management and finally, after many, many, many hours behind my camera, I realised that apart from how happy creating beautiful PHOTOGRAPHS makes me, I really love the process of creating a product that someone will love and treasure,  for generations to come.

I believe that's why I do what I do.  I value joyful, intimate connections and do my utmost to portray that in my work. 

To round off the experience, my service history in the corporate world has been invaluable.  

I understand the importance of your time and the crucial element of customer service. Beautiful photographs are key (That goes without saying), but I'm also obsessed with customer service. By this I mean from the start of our journey until the delivery of your end product, I’m here. Engaged. Available.  Of Service.  

Let's create something magical.





in a sea of people...

my eyes will always search for you.



Our Wedding

After years of dating, Ashton and I were married in December 2014 - She dreamed of a forest wedding, so we searched the Western Cape until we found one that we knew would be perfect for the day we had planned.  We wanted a CELEBRATION with our family and friends.  We wanted it to be relaxed and informal as though you were a guest in our home.  No frills, no fuss, but all tasteful, comfortable and of course visually appealing at the same time.  

To achieve this we designed the day around making sure the guests were happy and taken care during canapés - We had furniture setup, games, drinks, food, music all ready for the guests - In keeping with the relaxed feel of the day, (we aren't too traditional) I gave my speech on the lawn area at 6pm.  "Formalities" now complete, we were free to mingle and enjoy the company of guests before heading off at sunset for our couple shoot.  The guests were able to take their seats when they were ready and we joined in once our photographs were done.

It really was one of the best days of our lives - Yes, all the cliche's are true, but none ring as loudly as, its over very quickly, so you really want to plan the day well and maximise every single moment.  Trust me on that ;)

Our wedding photographer was Durban based Claire Harries.


Day to day

meet cooper 

We welcomed Cooper into our home on Ashton's birthday in 2016 - He was 2 at the time.  Every day has had added laughs since.  


                    PRETTY ZARA

What can I say, Cooper needed a sister to keep him company so we tracked her down.  This is beautiful Zara - She joined our family in June 2018.

The opportunity to travel and experience new countries and cultures remains on top of my list of favourite things to do.  Next on our To Do list:  New York, Italy & Ski'ing.


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