Wild Sprout Wholefood Eatery

Late last year, while scouting the CBD for new trendy eateries to be featured on The Pretty Blog, I came across a very cool little spot named Wildsprout - I immediately knew it was a winner.


I chatted with the owners (Bryan & Candice) and we arranged for a quick shoot and then interview - Yah!  The festive season hit and in the start of 2018, The Pretty Blog announced that they'd be changing the format of the site to be purely Instagram based - A really innovative move - I realised the feature would no longer be possible.

Since I enjoyed my time & meal at Wildsprout, I wanted you to know about this Loop street Gem.


Tell us about the name and style concept of Wildsprout. 
Us being ‘young’ and free, came the word wild, starting something new and fresh with our focus on our farm to table we have sprouted. SO there we had it WIldsprout. Wholefoods to us is the consumption of foods naturally sourced from the earth, sustainably sourced and ethically farmed. We went the wholefood route  because we practice this way of life and not just preach. Candices’ family has a farm out in wellington which we try to get all produce from. People need to look at the wholefood approach and cut out the refined stuff.


Which are the must-try items on the menu?
The must try item are our famous Wild Wraps (Grain free coconut wrap either chicken or vegetarian) or our “Hemp Jacks” topped with our nice-cream. Everyday we have a harvest table that gets put out  at 12PM. This is very popular and is often finished by 2pm most days. The harvest table includes 4 different salads and 2 protein option. Majority of the options are Vegan. Our most favourite smoothie is the Cacao Nut. 


The CBD has such a diverse culture -  what kind of vibe and clientele can we expect to find on any given day?
One would find all working clientele and the locals whom live in the area. We get quite a few foreigners as we are based below a hotel. 


We are open Monday - Friday 7am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 1pm. Sunday: Closed.
Best times I would say is 12pm to catch the daily harvest table (Monday to Friday) as from 12.30 we get busy and seating may be a problem. Otherwise our mornings are a great time to come… very relaxed and good way to start your day with a freshly pressed juice and ginger shot or a Truth Coffee which is R15 until 9am (Monday- Friday).

We hope that people can realise that it’s those tiny adjustments in your lifestyle that can make the difference. That you don’t have to break the bank to lead a healthier lifestyle and that the food tastes just as good if not better as the commercial , so called “good for you” foods. You should live your brand. The old cliché of “practice what you preach” totally comes into play. Whats on the inside shows on the outside.