CheeseCake for Dummies

I’m a good cook - Not great, but good. I wouldn’t make it through the first round of Masterchef or anything, but I could say, come around for dinner and make something edible so you wouldn’t leave starving.

In the last newsletter I received from Woolworths, they listed their top ten most viewed recipes - I don’t recall exactly, but I think the Cheesecake was number 1 - It said No bake, so I figured, this can’t be too difficult, so went out and bought the ingredients and put it to together on Saturday morning after my run. I figured I’d earned the treat ;)

Luckily Ashton was close by to oversee the entire operation, but for the most part it was relatively easy to follow and considering how good it tastes when it’s finished, well, it’s worth keeping a copy of the recipe close by - My only complaint would be the cost of the ingredients to top it off to make sure it looked photo finish ready. It was my fruit serving for the day, so I guess it was worth it.

The recipe: From the Woolworths website ;)