We Got Shot


When you take photographs of people (like a lot), you start to build your own rhythm, a way of handling the situation, directing when you think you must, keeping quiet when you feel you should, pushing the situation along or allowing it to unfold. Some days you get it spot on and of course, some days you don’t. Through the process, you learn. Another way to learn, is to be photographed. To experience the uncertainty of the quiet, the reassurance of a YES and ultimately the trust you need to handover to the one behind the camera. The one you’ve chosen. This month Ashton and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary – Yikes – How quickly did that go? In the blink of an eye, that’s how quickly. It’s also the last time we’d had a ‘couple shoot’…. We’ve added a member to our family since then and it was time to feel the vulnerability of giving someone else the control to photograph us. So basically, there were enough reasons to arrange a shoot & this perfectly coincided with Nadine From Snap Me Pretty’s vacation plans.

I spotted on a photography forum I follow that she would be in Cape Town (She is based in Amsterdam) and was keen to meet up with other photographers to explore the city streets of Cape Town. I dropped her a message and then we arranged to walk around, camera’s in hand, chatting about photography, business & well, life in general. I slipped in that I’d also be booking her for a couple shoot. Virtual high fives ensued.

Our photo walk arrived and it was great – Nadine in person is exactly like her About page. Hilarious. The walk was extended - We got Ashton to climb in to an Uber to come find us and meet us for dinner, so by the end of the evening we were all acquainted and eager to meet up again for our shoot, which obviously we did and of course (a)it was awesome, and (b) doesn't Ashton just keep getting prettier? It's mad really... That's my wife, she's stuck it out for 2 years :)

Thank you Nadine for creating these images of us & our favourite little guy, Cooper.

Snap Me Pretty_0001.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0012.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0003.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0004.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0002.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0005.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0006.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0007.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0009.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0008.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0010.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0013.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0011.jpg Snap Me Pretty_0014.jpg