The Kennard Family

Warren & Robyn are leaving SA shores and setting up abroad - Before they do that though, they wanted some family photographs to decorate their new home. I met up with them and both sides of their family and we spent the afternoon making sure they'd have plenty of images to remind them of their loved ones. We also walked around and spent a bit of time with just the four of them. Younger kids are often over stimulated when there is a big group of people, so it's always great to get them away from everyone so they can just relax and enjoy a few moments with mom and dad. - Family Shoot_0001.jpg - Family Shoot_0001.jpg - Family Shoot_0002.jpg - Family Shoot_0002.jpg - Family Shoot_0003.jpg - Family Shoot_0003.jpg - Family Shoot_0004.jpg - Family Shoot_0004.jpg - Family Shoot_0005.jpg - Family Shoot_0005.jpg - Family Shoot_0006.jpg - Family Shoot_0006.jpg - Family Shoot_0015.jpg - Family Shoot_0015.jpg - Family Shoot_0007.jpg - Family Shoot_0007.jpg - Family Shoot_0010.jpg - Family Shoot_0010.jpg - Family Shoot_0008.jpg - Family Shoot_0008.jpg - Family Shoot_0009.jpg - Family Shoot_0009.jpg - Family Shoot_0012.jpg - Family Shoot_0012.jpg - Family Shoot_0013.jpg - Family Shoot_0013.jpg - Family Shoot_0011.jpg - Family Shoot_0011.jpg