Table Mountain Love

There was wind, beautiful light and plenty of love between Steven and Nicole during this couple shoot - 3 Simple ingredients, each making me really happy to be the one that was able to photograph this lovely couple. You see, earlier this year, I posted on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter that I'd be gifting a couple with a shoot and called for entries - To earn an entry, all you needed to do was sign up for my newsletter. I was delighted by the response and pulled a name from the bowl of entries in April - It read Nicole.

I met up with Nicole & Steven and we had a brief chat to get rid of their pre-shoot nervousness before hopping into my car and heading off to find some perfect spots along the slopes of Table Mountain. Turns out, after their initial protests of not being comfortable in front of the camera, they just relaxed and pretty much did their thing with me chirping in every now and then.

In my opinion, that's the secret ingredient with a couple shoot, if you're comfortable with each other & in turn focus on each other during the shoot, it's gonna be pretty cool - Cue the wind & light and perhaps throw in a good location and it becomes epic.

I loved spending the afternoon with these two and I'm so grateful Nicole entered the competition and we were able to create such magical moments..... AND I have her subscribed to my newsletter now, so we'll stay in touch - If you'd like to sign up, head on over to the home page of my site and in the bottom right hand corner, you can pop in your details - You never know, there may be another announcement / surprise specifically for newsletter subscribers in the near future ;)

Meet Steven & Nicole, they're kind, relaxed and loving, so pretty much awesome in my books. - Steven & Nicole_0001.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0001.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0004.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0004.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0006.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0006.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0002.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0002.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0003.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0003.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0005.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0005.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0007.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0007.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0009.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0009.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0008.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0008.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0010.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0010.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0012.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0012.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0013.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0013.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0011.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0011.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0014.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0014.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0015.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0015.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0016.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0016.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0017.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0017.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0018.jpg - Steven & Nicole_0018.jpg